Imagine an encounter with a woman that leaves you breathless… Trained in the Tantric temple arts, I can take you to heaven and back again. Your body is tingling all over, your heart is pumping… you have never felt so loved, so worshipped, so adored…. so unbelievably alive!

Being a man in this day and age is kind of tough. Work can be hard, home can be challenging, family and friends can be demanding. Imagine there was a place you could go, a woman you could meet, who could give you a moment of sanctuary. Cherishing you as the amazing man you are. Nourishing your every need so that you can face the world again.

Be touched like you’ve never been touched before.

My name is Tara Bliss and loving you is my life mission. I offer erotic encounters for discerning gentlemen.

Our journey may take many different paths….

  • be honoured with Tantric massage
  • surrender to sensual domination
  • expand your skills as a lover
  • share cherished moments of intimacy with a heart-centred woman

Where do you want to go?

If you’re ready to experience pleasure beyond what you thought was possible, do get in touch. I look forward to fulfilling your desires…

Big love,
Tara x